WINTER IS COMING! Ski Swap October 19th-21st 2023

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Ski Swap 2023
11th Annual Ski Swap is on in 2023!

Thursday, October 19th 3PM-10PM

Friday, October 20th 10AM-10PM

Saturday, October 21st 10AM-10PM

Sunday, October 22nd 10AM-5PM

Our winter consignment season begins on October 19th at 3pm. We will bring out all of the winter gear from our consignors that we have been storing up all summer.

- Ski/Snowboard Gear - boots, poles, bindings, adult and kids gear
- Winter Apparel - Jackets, Bibs, Snowpants, Hats, Gloves, Snowboots
- Other Winter Activities - snowshoes, sleds, winter camping, touring

Shoppers - What To Expect

This year there will be changes to the shopping experience. We will space items outside the store to ensure everyone can maintain a comfortable and safe social distance. In store occupancy rules will be followed to ensure the safety of our staff and fellow customers.

Expect a busy afternoon on Thursday, as well as all day Saturday and Sunday. While the event is the first time many items will be available for sale, keep in mind that all of the unsold items will remain for sale after the weekend and throughout the season, and we will be replenishing our inventory continuously over the winter months.

Consignors - How To Sell Your Gear

If you have gear to sell, we'd love to help! BRING IT IN to our store any time we're open BEFORE THE SWAP allow us to process it and add it to our system. You can still bring gear during the swap, but it's best to get it here early (like, now!) to ensure it is available the whole weekend to sell.

CONSIGNMENT TERMS: Full terms can be found here!

For each item's final selling price, consignors earn

40% Check OR 60% Store Credit for $15.00-49.99
50% Check OR 60% Store Credit for $50.00-199.99
60% Check OR 70% Store Credit for $200.00-499.99
70% Check OR 80% Store Credit for $500.00-999.99
80% Check OR 90% Store Credit for $1000.00+

You can prepare an inventory list at home to save time in the store. Click here!

Winter Gear Quality Standards

 Skis/boards: bindings less than 10 years old preferred. None over 15 years old. Acceptance for consignment will be determined by our technicians.

 Gear should be clean and rust-free. Dirty skis/boards will either be refused or charged a cleaning fee.

 Boots: inspect them for cracking, broken buckles, toe/heel plate wear, or worn liners BEFORE you bring them. Please, clean them inside and out! Boots in poor condition will not be accepted.

Winter Gear Pricing

 We are happy to work with consignors to determine the best selling price for all parties.

 Used gear loses ~50% value in the first year of use, and even more as it ages further. Even unused gear that is a few years old may be worth less than you think.

 We prioritize pricing items based on market value so they will sell to a grateful customer over trying to squeeze every dollar out of every item. Remember - if no one buys it, it goes back into your garage…